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Manga Thoughts and Opinions: Venus in Love

July 26, 2010

Let me start by saying: this has nothing to do with the recent closure of manga sites. I just want to express my opinions on the manga I read sometimes. It just so happens that the idea to do “Manga thoughts and opinions” didn’t occur to me until recently. Think of it as a half-assed manga review.

You’ll probably only want to read this if you’ve read the manga yourself, or you were deciding on whether you want to buy/read the manga. I’ll skip the pleasantries of what the manga is about, since wikipedia can do that much better than me. I’ll get right into what I liked and didn’t like about it. Be forewarned that spoilers will ensue. I read the manga from the local library so I’ve only read up to Vol. 7 (Vol. 8 was released recently in the US).

Basic information:

Title: Venus in Love (aka “Love for Venus” and “ビーナスは片想い”)

Mangaka: Yuki Nakaji