Happy Day of the Dead Post


So happy day of the dead, Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, or whatever it is you use an excuse to skip school or work.  And as a reward for this awesome 5 day weekend i just had her’s a little something.

WARNING:This was linked on facebook by “accident” so if you have no idea what kind of content i post on this site proceed at your own risk.  I can not be held responsible for any injury your reputation, mind, or physical body suffer from any one catching you reading this.


So i just recently re-found this doujin on Ex-Hentai and remembered why it was in my favourites to begin with.

If that’s not enough to want to  read it then your on the wrong site…


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6 Responses to “Happy Day of the Dead Post”

  1. Palmtop Tiger Says:


  2. HyperKnuckles99 Says:

    The warning label was great especially physical body suffer. XD

  3. The Envoy Says:

    Happy belated Halloween! Spirits be with you! Bwahahahahaha!

  4. motaku96 Says:

    Lolz. Didn’t even know you posted.

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