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Have you ever seen a girl on the streets or at the mall, and you thought “Wow, she’s kinda cute!”, and then you start fantasizing about what her life might be like, and how you can meet, strike up a conversation, start going out and live happy lives together? Of course I would never act on those thoughts cause I don’t have the courage to. I know, I’m delusional.

Anyway, I was at a bakery with my family the other day. The ladies behind the counter are all pretty old. And then a cute girl walks in. She’s maybe 16-18 years old. She has short hair, glasses, appears to be the studious hard working type. I’d rank her as a B(more on the grading policy later). So she walks in, goes behind the counter, into the back, and she comes back out in the working apron. Hmm…so she’s either working there part-time for quick cash, or she’s helping her mother out at the family run bakery. I opt to believe the latter. While I’m in the bakery, I kinda stare in her general direction. Trying to take in all the sights. I let my eyes wander around the entire bakery so it doesn’t look obvious. So I spend some time looking at the clock, the menu, the cakes, etc. Anyway so I thought she was cute. That’s all. Wish I could’ve taken a picture of her.

I mentioned a grading system before. I’ll elaborate.

Grade A – Wow, she’s gorgeous. I hope she doesn’t notice me staring.

Grade B – Ooh, she’s really cute. And she looks really down to earth and nice. This is the preferred grade.

Grade C – She doesn’t look too pretty, but she doesn’t look bad either. I don’t aspire to get anything higher than a C.

Grade D – Well…she’s not repulsive. I can totally do it if I get to know her better and find that she has a nice personality.

Grade E – This is kinda pushing it. I’m not picky but friendship is probably as far as this will go.

Grade F – I wouldn’t even touch it. (This grade is only theoretical, as there is nothing I will not have sex with, given the right amount of desperation.)

btw, I’ve been feeling in a mecha mood lately. Gonna watch some Macross~

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7 Responses to “Random Ramblings”

  1. Palmtop Tiger Says:

    Get out of my head! I do that for everything, running scenarios through my head.

  2. Vicious Says:

    You are a very Sad guy Motaku…

    . just kidding i used to do this, until i realized up close, and without the cakeface 99% of women are pretty nasty looking.


  3. The Envoy Says:

    I met a grade B-C at the bank yesterday. See you next month Mo.

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