Forum Hijack!!!


“I’m Captain Murasa-Motherfucking-Minamitsu!!!, and i’m hijacking this blog!”

Now that i have your attention on to the topic at hand.  I have bean meaning to post my “stash” on the SanCon forums but never did due to lack of camera, so finally got a hold on my moms camera and proceeded to record everything i posses relating to anime or video games.  the result was 42 pictures, so, in order to save sancon the bandwidth (aside from the fact that forums posts have a limit on images)  here’s just about everything i own except for my ps3 and 360 that are at my parents house and my car which has miku decals on it.

My main display containing most of my ReiXAsuka pairs and all my big figures.

Yuna stays in her case cause her feet were starting to bend so i’d rather it not break.

Yes, she keeps my money safe.

The 1 thousand piece jigsaw puzzle i build in 3 days with varying degrees of help form other people….one of my “better” accomplishments.

The angels watching over every one else on both shelves…

so sure THIS happens on my shelf every time i’m not home…

The very first figure i bought, she’s had her scars of battle (moving) but nothing i couldn’t fix.

My altar for “God” and those series that left a mark on me, includes almost everything i could fit there including 2 complete series and 1 extra copy of volume 2 (1 normal and 2 special edition), 2 official “Brigade Chief” armbands, a scarf for winter, and 2 figures that are actually good quality. ( the 1/4 scale Haruhi and Tsuruya would never have fit there)

The VHS tapes that started my collection as well as the home recordings i did of complete series and movies.

some 9 other wallscrolls i still need to hang up.

and finally all the art books, Megami magazines and game guides i’ve collected over the years.  including all the EX posters they sometimes come with and a Fate-chan pencil board.

And now off to sleep *thud*

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9 Responses to “Forum Hijack!!!”

  1. Palmtop Tiger Says:

    Many Reis and Asukas. Good job!

    I spy DOAX2!

  2. arielaol Says:

    an xenosaga fan i see~
    and i spy a bunch of neko eva figures X3
    *thumbs up*

  3. dhyohko Says:

    @Palmtop Tiger: yes you do Palmtop, right now i’m only missing the original DOA for the dreamcast and the new one for the psp (don’t own one yet)

    @ Arielaol: yup, one of my favourite series all in all (although II was ridculusly hard, especially that final boss), and i thought i only had those 2 neko Rei and Asuka? maybe there just hiding there ears from me >.>

  4. motaku96 Says:

    Heh. The puzzle looks like fun.

    • dhyohko Says:

      it was, the hardest part (besides the bg) were the eye’s and hairlo’s

      and weird….this one post netted us 200 hits today O.o

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Firetribe Says:

    A lot of good shit, you got there. Really nice collection, yohko. If only I had the cash…

  7. hentai Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great collection. Keep up the good work

  8. Says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your

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