So it’s been what, 2-3 months since my last post?  What have i been doing all this time? Am i finally going to post those doujin i said i was going post 2 months ago? So to answer these questions,  i got an aprenticeship at a company for 3 months making moneys, watching anime as should be expected, and yes i’m finally going to post those doujin i mentioned.  right now i’m working on the first of 3 but ti’s still in progress.  So meanwhile i’ll just post this small one here whilst i work on the first volume (they have lots of text) and hopefully get it done by friday.


And now for some visual stimuli…

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15 Responses to “Yohko…REBORN!!!”

  1. Palmtop Tiger Says:


    But you better not abondon us!

    • dhyohko Says:

      of course not, it’s just random life getting in the way. if i coudl i would probably live off of hard translating manga but alas it is not possible….

  2. Firetribe Says:

    “i got an aprenticeship at a company for 3 months making moneys”

    This makes me sad. T.T

  3. Archer112 Says:


    • dhyohko Says:

      absolutley NEVER!!! i just put on a facade so that they think i’m more normal and they fork over moneys. only have a month left so we’l see what happens. oh, and i’m halfway through with the first chapter so it should be up by the end of sunday.

  4. motaku96 Says:

    Cool yohko. Congratz. hmm…guess I should make a post one of these days….

    • Palmtop Tiger Says:

      I thought you were going to take pics of your stuff?

      • motaku96 Says:

        I keep getting new things and keep telling myself I’ll wait till my next package arrives and take the pics. But I just keep putting it off. Must be summer laziness.

        Hmm…I’m doing something for the nanofate group which will be done in a week or two. If I don’t slack off that is. ;3

      • dhyohko Says:

        i would have but i have no camera except for my cellphone so unless your ok with low quality pics it will have to wait till thursday probably.

      • motaku96 Says:

        Feel free to post whatever you want.

        I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m feeling like I definitely wanna post some figure pictures one of these days. Just don’t know when.

  5. archer112 Says:

    I bought some stuff in Japan actually, that I have been meaning to upload, mainly CD’s and some pronz.

    Actually, I bought all of Shokotan’s anison ((C)D)VD, some awesome stuff on them.

  6. archer112 Says:

    Just getting the energy to rip everything, then upload it.


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