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6-8, 11, and 12 are up.  9.5 and 10 require instalation (or at least are actually installed on computer anyway) and 9 is the vs one.  with this i’m only missing 12.3 and 12.5 to upload and that should cover all the important ones.

So i’m finally getting around to uploading all the touhou games that are possible and so far i have 6,7,8 and 12 up and 7.5 is currently being uploaded (thing is 1.25 Gb in size). All of them have the English patch applied (were applicable) and all are self contained so no instalation si required.

Mediafire Folder

“Is it done yet?” – “Not yet, keep going”

“Yay, Buri, Hamachi, Buri , Hamachi…”

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6 Responses to “ah!?…”

  1. HyperKnuckles99 Says:

    Your going to have to put up a different link yohko, the one you put up is the ‘myfiles” page which shows nothing. I’m not sure how to show all the uploads on one page on MediaFire but I suggest you just put the individual links for each one up.

  2. dhyohko Says:

    should be fixed now, you should see 5 folder, one each for, 6-8 and 12, then just navigate each folder for all the parts.

  3. Firetribe Says:

    Splendid work, Yohko! I is happy. :>

    • Firetribe Says:

      There are problems with extracting the BGM file for PCB. I had to dl the file from a different source to get the music to play.

      Anyone else have this problem?

      • dhyohko Says:

        honestly i wouldn’t know, it’s been a long time since i downloaded them so i’ve long since had them working. but at least you were able to fix your problem without much trouble

  4. arielaol Says:

    you saved me the time of looking all over for the english patches for th6… thanks =D

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