March of the Shining Stars


It’s been awhile since my last post, but it’s not like I wasn’t doing anything. I was officially working with the nanofate translation group to help them out with some backed up projects. NanoFate is a yuri translation group dedicated solely to translating doujinshi based around NanohaxFate. I guess I’m an honorary member there now.

You can download it here.

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12 Responses to “March of the Shining Stars”

  1. DHYohko Says:

    i should probably finish up those projects i started…but thsi being holy week down here the holiday laziness kicks in. but lucky you, i’ve been wondering what it would be like to work in a group.

    • motaku96 Says:

      I got a good idea of how things work in a group. It’s all pretty basic. The only difficulty is the proofreading, since it becomes a discussion between a bunch of people on how a phrase sounds best.

      There’s a doujin on danbooru I wanna work on next but don’t know if/when I’ll get around to it since I’m really busy now. Soon though, I’ll make a post showcasing some of the figures I’ve bought. March was a big spending month for me this year.

      • DHYohko Says:

        well lucky for us everything on dabooru is usually already translated, only some minor things require changing like replacing sister with onee-chan and such. gime a ring if ya wana get started, need an excuse to get off my but this week.

  2. Firetribe Says:

    Say, why don’t you guys compile a database of dl links or least a record of all current touhou games. Cos right now searching for them is tedious.

  3. Firetribe Says:


    • dhyohko Says:

      ok, ok, so i’m 3 weeks late but i’m finally getting around to it, any game form 6 on that doesn’t require installation should be up on mediafire by the end of the end of the day.

  4. 国之åøø恕恏悉 Says:

    Hey motaku. I decided not to post on sankaku complex so that I never ever don’t get involved obvious trolls toward japanese people. Because every time I looked through sankaku’s posts I felt like getting few trolls so I just got tired of them. But I didn’t mean motaku since you never meant to me, rather are nice to people there. I meant Artefact. Strictly speaking, these days, not only Artefact but also there are too many people who are meaning japanese people for the sake of their pleasure over the rest of the world. In the first place my task is to save my family from those harm being feeding there, not to enjoy sankaku’s contents. However I found it was in vain. At the end thank you for reading my whole comments. farewell.

  5. 国之åøø恕恏悉 Says:

    At any rate, Artefact and his accomplices ( e.g. japantimes, and all the other biased and obscene media.) come in predisposed to describe japan ( it’s almost the same term of japanese) as bizarre stuff without a qualm. But still, I don’t demand discipline to them. Since they went out of control already. Ultimately I found it’s better I don’t deal with them. At the same time, they should never forget that, who assume all the japanese are same level to anime of or geme of character will deserve some retort from people living a a tranquil life.

    • Firetribe Says:

      I don’t believe Artefact has anything against Japan or it’s people. He only reports weird stuff for it’s entertainment value. Sankaku is an entertainment site. A lot of netizens enjoy the dark humor and- since this is the internet- people say offensive things for the “Lulz”- none of which reflects the true opinions of the site. If people actually think that the news about Japan is the norm they really need to get their brains checked.
      And if you really haven’t noticed, Sankaku’s been very critical of Japan’s critics. There have been more silly articles about China than Japan, that at one point , people were wondering if Sankaku was even a site about Japan.
      But if you don’t want to post anymore, it’s ok. Do you what you feel is right.

      • 国之åøø恕恏悉 Says:

        Wait, how did people give some criticism toward sankaku before people discovered sankaku. If I remember right, sankaku had already labeled those stuff as bizarre things when I discovered it for the first time (it’s about march 2009). Also such trend has been going on until now. At one time I was wondering Artefact got requested email from anti-japanese people who might be some korean living in japan, due to the fact that Artefact didn’t mean korea often.

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