Yup, another finished project!


Another small comic that appeared on danbooru and was kindly translated in notes.  Just saw this one this morning and just had to hard- translate it.


Only a couple of images this time since this is my what, 2nd or third post this week?

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6 Responses to “Yup, another finished project!”

  1. Archer112 Says:

    I’m not dead!

    When I get around to translating things, I’ll use you as my photoshop dude~.

    Yes…It’s only a matter of years.

    • dhyohko Says:

      well i’ll be, i was wondering what had happened to ya.

      • Archer112 Says:

        In 3 weeks I’m off to jp land, or as I like to call it “Fun Happy Land”.

        Been sorting that out mostly, or thats what I’m going to blame for absense in anycase, the real reason being eroge, rpg and nobheadary.

  2. Firetribe Says:

    Downloaded this and downloading 5gb of Touhou manga as I type.

  3. Yuri Downloads Says:

    I love Touhou, nice pics u posted 🙂
    Thanks ^_^

  4. mutopis Says:

    there is a missing page

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