Hurray for translation projects…



So here’s a quick project i did within the last few hours that i’ve been wanting to do for a bit.  So as usual , our unpredictable Ojousama  gets bored and decides to hunt down the rumor that a ghost has been wondering around in her mansion with interesting plot twists and Massive charisma on her part XD

images and translation gotten from danbooru as usual

and now for the obligatory mini flood of images 😛

I already have my next project picked out but if you want something hard-translated or have a suggestion for future projects leave a comment (just remember i can’t read japanese so i need some one else to do the translation in one way or another), or just leave a comment for the sake of leaving one 😛

Preiview for my next project wich has no oficial name on danbooru so i’m just gona name it “Chen’s day off” 🙂

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4 Responses to “Hurray for translation projects…”

  1. Sifian Says:

    PCB downloads…

    Stolen from a fakku thread… (needs registration)

    Password for anything/everything is:

  2. motaku96 Says:

    An incredibly entertaining series. Sadly it’s not all translated yet. Give it a look. I might do it if you decide not to.

  3. Yohko…REBORN!!! « E-motaku96's Hentai Blog Says:

    […] have i been doing all this time? Am i finally going to post those doujin i said i was going post 2 months ago? So to answer these questions,  i got an aprenticeship at a company for 3 months making moneys, […]

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