Micro project and annoying bubbles.



So out of iddle-ness i decided to translate some of my favorite 4-koma from danbooru but as expected from small panels, they have small text bubbles…and it’s not easy to get all that text to fit in nicely when it’s layed our horizontal….*pout*…here is the first one so you can see what i’m talking about….

3 Responses to “Micro project and annoying bubbles.”

  1. motaku96 Says:

    (*nods*)Hmm…I know what you mean. Well besides that first panel, they don’t look too bad. This looks really cute. Can’t wait to see the complete copy.

  2. Ichiro Ino Says:


  3. shijima Says:

    Yes, I think you did a great job.
    The first pic looks perfect for Valentine’s Day.
    Remi x Sakuya is always nice.
    (Of course, I have a soft place in my heart for Meiling x Sakuya because of those Pigeon Blood doujins). 😀

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