Time for a new year, even if i’m late X3


“So Remilia-Sama, what type of  panties do you use?”

So having been sick for 4 days straight and finally having enough energy to move about energetically again i had time to find a couple new doujins to post up here.  One is a tad ecchi while the other i’ll need to “stich up” from post on danbooru and probably edit and translate it.  so while i get to that i’ll post some of the new images i’ve found as well as the first doujin.


“The Answer” *splurt*

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5 Responses to “Time for a new year, even if i’m late X3”

  1. motaku96 Says:

    I was ready for water works T.T

    Speaking of death, I read a really sad one recently

    • dhyohko Says:

      i hate those, i believe that in Gensokio the normal rules of logic don’t apply and thus sakuya doesn’t age regardless of how much she stops time. i remember reading one were remi learns how to make tea from a book sakuya left her, can’t remember what happened to it.

  2. ranzenfuak Says:

    Hey im mikages friend from DF so whos that one person that lives here too?

  3. dhyohko Says:

    *waves* that’d be me, must say wasn’t expecting a message this soon. can’t spam motaku’s blog like a forum so you can send me messages on sankakus channel as long as you make a free account (i check that all the time) or you can just mail me, just add @hotmail.com to my name.

  4. ranzenfuak Says:

    Already did. And sorry bouts that.

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