Tis the season for windter doujins…


So following motaku’s post i’ll now share m favorite winter doujin (think it might be the only one i have) and obviously it has Remi in it :3

Snowball fight, all of the characters we want to see, and all out action make it a great read for this season.

click on santa for link.

6 Responses to “Tis the season for windter doujins…”

  1. motaku96 Says:

    Yohko, I have a question. You don’t need to split the files right? And what are you using to zip them? It confuzzles my winrar mind.

  2. Archer112 Says:

    Santa must be so cold……

  3. dhyohko Says:

    i use 7zip to split the files into 10 MB size parts when it’s too big because mediafire limits things to 10 MB. i haven’t used winrar in years since i foudn 7zip….

    • motaku96 Says:

      I thought mediafire removed most of it’s limitations. Now there are unlimited downloads and uploads of up to 200mb. Well that’s how I’ve been using it anyway.

      • DHYohko Says:

        i´ll have to experiment then. if it works i´ll upload it in one whole thing later today though i´m sure you should have it already.

  4. The Envoy Says:

    I know of one way to keep warm during a white christmas….

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