Touhou Winter by Neko no Sakegoto


Just in time for Christmas. More Alice antics with the final chapter in this series of touhou doujins.

Get the first three seasons from my previous post.

And get the new one(winter) here.

Beware of image spam. Some images courtesy of Archer.

Merry Christmas

And here’s a bonus. I did the editing. Got the translations from Danbooru.

P.S.- I wanna try to get one more editing job done before or during the holidays. It’s a lucky star doujin about Konata and Kagami’s baby. It’s a 14 page doujin so it’ll be my biggest project yet.

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One Response to “Touhou Winter by Neko no Sakegoto”

  1. dhyohko Says:

    i never really noticed how the headphone girls looked like alice an marisa before…..then again i found that image long before i knew about touhou. and count me in if ya need help with the editing, i have a lot of free tiem atm.

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