Alice Love!!


Just wanna share some Touhou doujin. Both are cute and funny. The first is a series of doujins called Touhou Spring, Touhou Summer, and Touhou Fall(Winter should be coming out in the future). The artist, Sazanami Mio, is incredible. The art in these doujin is great. The doujin actually lead more towards a ReimuxMarisa pairing but there’s still plenty of nosebleeding action on Alice’s part.

Touhou Seasons

The other share is a cute marisaxalice doujin. It’s really adorable. Alice has never been so blunt before. A must read for any Alice fan.

Magical Aria

And last but not least, I’ve been practicing my editing skills. And what better thing to practice with than a tsundere Alice.

These three were drawn by Myama.

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7 Responses to “Alice Love!!”

  1. Palmtop Tiger Says:


    I got something for you, but I don’t know where to send it.

  2. dhyohko Says:

    these were pretty good. and i’d be cautious about anythign palmtop gives ya, might be contagious.

  3. Touhou Winter by Neko no Sakegoto « E-motaku96's Hentai Blog Says:

    […] Get the first three seasons from my previous post. […]

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