Oh Shi- Here Comes the Black Va-



Nothing a microwave and a pair of pliers wont be able to fix.

Ok, the black van didn’t actually come and I didn’t really go to work on my hard drive with a pair of pliers and a hot box, the real reason I have been dead is because media fire is a piece of shit.

I try to upload something, and it fails. Not once, not twice, but perpetually, no matter what I upload.

Luckily hotfile was slightly more sympathetic, and by that, I mean it let me up load 1 file.

comic_megastore_2006-02_259 comic_megastore_2006-02_260


It’s a story about love, happiness, extorting your teacher for sex, and being a horny little bitch.

So of course, I can’t see any problems with this.

I think this is probably my fav’ by this artist in Question; although you wont know who it is, until you download the file, because I’m a bastard.

I have a second doujin I want adding to this post, called “A Country Which Can Be Seen Between the Parting Clouds”, hopefully Mo will edit my post for me, and add it, as I know he has it.

I managed some how.

This one is slightly depressing though, so……

The art is kinda’ old school and it has a story that’s not the typical ‘onii-chan, I see you’re stressed, lets fuck each other so you can pass your (s)exam tomorrow.’ Not that I don’t approve of a shallow, almost impossible pretence for loli sex, if it was upto me, making eye contact would be enough(and probably is in a few loli works), of a pretence to engage in a good ol’ loli romp.



lo08_142lo08_151 lo08_152 lo08_153


Next week on Archer112’s partyvan escape;

Level 7.

Since I did promise some music……I would of already uploaded it ages ago, but MF is fucked.


Toki wo Koeru Smile

The singer is Shiraishi <3.

5 Responses to “Oh Shi- Here Comes the Black Va-”

  1. motaku96 Says:

    Awww man. I had the link all ready for you too.

    Well, I’ve uploaded Shoujo Zukan, which is by Itou Ei, the same artist that is responsible for Slavery of love you just uploaded there. It’s the only full book by that person that I could find. Was thinking about making a separate post for it, but it’ll do fine here.


  2. The Envoy Says:

    I wonder if the FBI does actually ride around in a black van…..although I think 3D loli would get you into more hot soup than 2D loli 😛

    • Archer112 Says:

      To be honest, this post was supposed to go out on Halloween, during the period of supposed 3d lolirape all around the world.

  3. momo Says:

    can u reupload the 1st one? tnx..

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