I just decided to share every inuboshi doujin I have. It’s not everything that’s been translated. I’m sure Archer and Yohko have one’s that I don’t. But I’ll share anyway.

Translator/Editor: Various but most of the credit goes to Hayama Kotono and yqii

Here’s the pack with everything conveniently in one download.

I’ve also uploaded them individually so you can pick and choose which ones you want to download.

Always Looking and Always Together

Imouto Pantsu chapters 1-4

Level Up! Chii-chan

Magical Girl Series 1-6

Ojousamas House

Snow Station

Yuki-chan and Kotatsu

Also, don’t forget Ojousama no Himitsu which I’ve shared in an earlier post.


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12 Responses to “Inuboshi”

  1. yeller Says:

    Hey, what about Sweet Cream? hehe

  2. yeller Says:

    Oh yeah, you should also look for “Miyabi Dream’n” and “Welcome Home” translated by Anon of Spain… as well as “The Three Girl’s Melancholy”. They are in my massive loli torrent at deadfrog and

  3. Palmtop Tiger Says:

    Inuboshi is god of lolicon

  4. Archer112 Says:

    Having icecream outside, also a classic.

  5. Archer112 Says:

    Also, Chapter 5 of imouto pantsu, preps go to, the link was actually posted by yeller I think.

  6. Sune Aye Whelkum Says:

    Forgive me, I’m new here. But are any of these the one with that girl who’s like “You’re looking at porn when you could be using your little sister? You’re unbelievable!”

    I’ve been searching for that one for a while.

    • motaku96 Says:

      Sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded this. I don’t even remember what’s in it myself. The links are still working, so I guess you can download and see for yourself.

      • Sune Aye Whelkum Says:

        Yeah, I realized that only after I had replied to this blog. Lol

        Thanks, though!

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