[Asami Sekiya] Your Dog



It’s been awhile since I’ve shared something  H, so here you go. “Your Dog” starts off just like any other hentai doujin. But as you get deeper into the story, you see a cute romance develop. Contrary to the title, there is no dog in the doujin, so no bestiality. The main hero is actually really likable. And by the end, you see one of the most caring sex scenes. The main doujin is “Your Dog” but I’ve included the short sequel, “Dog and Pony – Second Cry”. The sequel is much shorter and is filled with illustration pages but furthers the sweet relationship developed in the first volume.

Translator/Editor: Biribiri



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One Response to “[Asami Sekiya] Your Dog”

  1. motaku96 Says:

    A new version of Dog and Pony was released, called Dog and Pony +
    Not sure what’s new about it. Maybe some new pictures. Here it is for your downloading pleasure:


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