Big Sis double feature…


Now it’s time for the well-enodowed big sisters from negima to step up to the plate.

Ayaka and Chizuru are not really my type (as if that wasn’t obvious enough) but still a good read.  I also don’t want people complaining that there missing volumes and start spamming me so here they are.  As usual click on there respective images to go to there mediafire links.

Also some interesting news, a couple of days ago i found a h-vid done by my favorite artist Gensho Sugiyama called “Maids in Dream”.  Needless to say it is now a permanent member of my HD and i plan to upload it for all to have, so until then her’s a little sleeping action by the girls of teh video (i didn’t know it was them till i saw them in the video it’self).

moe 91948 cleavage erect_nipples maid megane nekomimi screening sugiyama_genshou

“Click image for full size at moe-imouto”

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One Response to “Big Sis double feature…”

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