New York Anime Festival 2009



Yeah, sorry about the delayed posts. I just haven’t had time to do anything lately. I’ll keep this pretty short.

I went to the New York Anime Festival last week. When I first got there, I wasn’t very excited but once I got to the dealers room, the kid inside me lit up. I went and bought quite a bit of stuff. I didn’t spend as much money as I did at Otakon but I think each and every purchase this time was much more worth it. Part of the reason I feel I got great stuff is because since I’m learning Japanese, I didn’t hesitate to get stuff like manga or doujinshi in japanese. I’ll share pictures of what I got at the end. That’s pretty much it. I spent most of my time in the dealers room. There was only one other special event that made the con awesome. I saw AKB48 live! It was a great experience. People were jumping and waving glow sticks. It was a blast. I might try to upload some of the concert video that I recorded. But first my loot.

I’ll start with my plushies. I got Miku Hatsune, Henrietta and Rico from Gunslinger Girls, and Kagura from Gintama(not pictured).


I bought the March issue of G’s Festival which came with some nice stuff.


The conents of G’s Festival included a magazine, a dakimakura, a mouse pad, and a card holder.


My new dakimakura compared to Nanoha. Her name is Naru Ohtori.


A closer picture


She poses with Fate too.


But Nanoha is still my number 1


Miku Mixing Box


It came with a fanbook that had fanart and links to different websites, a dvd that has some songs and videos, and a little Miku figure.


Here’s a close up of the figure


Here are some of the other figures I got at the con

(disregard that hydrocortisone in the background, I just forgot to put it away when I took the picture)


How unlucky do I have to be to get the secret figure twice!


Ryumoto’s sketch book signed by the man himself

(famous creator of Petit Eva)


Lucky Star stuff

The top one is Lucky Star Pocket Travelers and the bottom two are compilations of Lucky Star Doujinshi


Got some Touhou Doujin, specifically MariAri

Some of you may recognize the bottom two as the doujinshi I shared in a previous post. I’m looking to own the real copies of that series so if anyone knows where I can find the rest of them, let me know.


I even got Chinese doujinshi. The K-OFF! is more of an artbook though. Still, stuff from China


Even found American made doujin. Not that great but american doujin is practically unheard of.


A K-Books artbook.


Got a neat little art board with my purchase of the K-book


Now this is an incredible item. There was a really nice guy at a booth. I was apparently his favorite customer. I just picked this up to look at and he just gave it to me for free. It’s clearish and sparkly. The website for that booth is here. They don’t sell any anime stuff on the website but if you see them at a local con(probably New York/New Jersey area), check out their booth. Unlike every other dealer there, they actually charged less than the retail value for their products. And I even got a discount. I’m really grateful to that guy. I got so many good deals.


Here’s my current figure setup in my room with my new and some of my old figures


Souvenirs from the AKB48 concert. My ticket and some handkerchiefs we could wave around. As you can see, I took a bunch of handkerchiefs when no one was looking.


The handkerchief unfolded


Uploaded my recordings of the AKB48 concert. The quality’s really bad cause I was moving too much and camera’s weren’t allowed so I had to do some ninja-ing. Also my hand got tired from holding up the camera in a vertical position for long amounts of time so that’s why the camera pans down a lot. I don’t think youtube accepts my file type so download from mediafire and watch it on your own computer. Quicktime should play it, I think. You don’t have to download all of it. They’re separate video files.

(Sigh) Sorry the links aren’t clickable. It’s wordpress’ thing where you have to “insert link”. Anyway, either just copy and paste the url, or go here to find clickable links.

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4 Responses to “New York Anime Festival 2009”

  1. The Envoy Says:

    Hatsune Miku’s big eyed figma is killing me with its cuteness! Haruhi looks so sulky though. I’m glad you had fun 🙂 Am looking forward to the youtube vid! They wouldn’t let me take videos of Minorin’s concert at the Daicon in July, so I had to substitute it with another live vid from youtube 😛

    • motaku96 Says:

      Thanks. I actually wasn’t supposed to record the concert either. I held my hand at a slightly elevated position and set it to record while I covered the back screen with my palm. So I couldn’t see what I was recording but it didn’t produce any obvious light so I got away with it.

  2. Max Says:

    Great pixs! Wish I was on that trip! Did you pick up the full Pocket Travelers manga series? I can’t find them ANYWHERE!

    • motaku96 Says:

      I’m not sure if the entire series is in the tankobon. I just checked, it is indeed the entire series. If you’re in New York, the best I can recommend is to check out Book Off, a store on 45th street. It’s a japanese used book store. They have a lot of great stuff. Some really great finds there. Got some rare touhou doujinshi there at a great price.

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