Sweet Life Please!! by Senke Kagero


000a cover

Alright, here’s my first post. This doujin has easily become one of my favorites. It’s a bunch of individual stories that share a general theme. It has everything from sexy housewives to loli cousins. Probably what attracts me to this doujin the most is the fact that the male lead are often fat loser otaku. Yeah, I know it doesn’t happen (often) in real life but it’s fun to dream of having what they have. And this doujin sure does give you a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. But as with all loser otaku that try to keep their woman satisfied, there are trials they must face. You may be wondering why he’d accept a wife that sleeps around with other guys. I’d like to attribute it to true love but you can also say it’s because they’re losers that they don’t want to lose what good things they have. There are happy moments and heart-wrenching moments. You can’t help but root for the poor/lucky guy. So, with that, happy fapping.

Translator & Editor: Ero-otoko




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3 Responses to “Sweet Life Please!! by Senke Kagero”

  1. Hangmen Says:

    Finally, a translated volume after all these years! I’m moved to tears by this awesome H-mango. ;_;

  2. The Envoy Says:

    Loli cousins…that must be an otaku’s dream come true. Now just wait till they’re asleep….

  3. lovehate Says:

    thanks much motaku 😉

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