My Summer Holiday


Touhou at the beach

No, wait, this really is going to be a hentai blog. But before I get started, I wanna share some of the things I did over the summer. Promise the next post will be something you can fap to.

I went to Otakon 2009. The experience wasn’t that great. Since it was the first time I cosplayed, I was pretty uncomfortable. And the lines were ridiculously long compared to the local cons I go to around where I live. But the concerts made the whole trip worth it. I saw Becca(“I’m Alive”-Kuroshitsuji ED), and the North American debut of Kanon Wakeshima(“still doll”-Vampire Knight ED, “Suna no oshiro”– Vampire Knight Guilty ED) and Naomi Tamura(“Yuragu Koto Nai Ai”-GetBackers OP, “Yuzurenai Negai”-Magic Knight Rayearth OP, “Hikari no Kage to Dakishimeta Mama”-Magic Knight Rayearth2 OP). The concerts were just about the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Kanon Wakeshima was f#cking Moe. She was clearly nervous. All Idols must be trained to make the audience swoon. However there was something disappointing about the Naomi Tamura concert. It wasn’t Naomi Tamura or the performance that was disappointing. Tamura was incredibly energetic and professional. Certainly a seasoned veteran compared to Wakeshima. What was disappointing was the audience. The Kanon Wakeshima concert was packed full with people. It was ridiculously crowded, but during Tamura’s concert the next day, less than half the seats were taken! WTH! People don’t know what they’re missing. I understand Wakeshima is more popular with the younger crowd because of Vampire Knight but how could so many people not know of the much more experienced Naomi Tamura. Well, the audience that was there certainly made up for the lack of people with their enthusiasm. They were jumping up and down and shouting like the concerts in Japan. In the end, I still think it was a great experience. Oh and btw, as far as cosplayers go, I saw a really good Hong “China” Meiling and Reisen Udonge Inaba but I didn’t get a chance to take their picture. I did, however, get a picture of a pretty decent Chen. Also saw an Alice but it was a guy. I kinda regret not taking his picture. The costume itself looked pretty good, even if he didn’t.


Kanon Wakeshima

Naomi Tamura

Okay, now I wanna share some of the stuff I bought over the summer.

The Megami Magazine Super Deluxe Mook

Megami Super Deluxe magazine

Bought my first figmas

Nanoha figma

Fate figma

Hayate figma

As you can see, they’re all from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.

MikkuMiku Kagami Nendoroid

Miku Kagami Nendoroid

Some poses with Kagami



Some Wallscrolls

Lucky Star Wallscroll

Konata hugging Kagami in bikinis

Gunslinger Girl Wallscroll

I think this one’s just beautiful. Fell in love with it when I saw it.



Pen is there so you can see the size

Sexy Yukkuri is sexy

Sexy Yukkuri is sexy

The rest of the pictures are just me playing around with the figmas.





I lol’d


Group shot







I really had fun with Hayate’s pose.


Swapped bodies too




The picture came out blurry but I think I’ll retake it since I find the pose humorous.




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2 Responses to “My Summer Holiday”

  1. DHYohko Says:

    yohooo~ grats on yoru nice choice of wallscrolls and on the figmas, i dont´have nay myself but mostly cause i get lured by other figures form series that i like like negima (me and my friend have around 15 neno-but-not-quite-so-neno-droid-ish ones) or mecha musume ones i just found, or i´m desperatley saving up for the BRS figure bu ti dont´get paid till monday so i´m praying ot my god that one is sitll in stock when i check again, hopefully the price tag of 230 dollars keep her there. and a hentai blog huh? this is gona be interesting XD don´t fail me now 😛

  2. Marshmallow Says:

    Nice stuff~ 😀 I’ve never seen Nanoha, but NanoFate is a wonderful pairing, and I’m not even that big a fan of Yuri.

    Also, wonderful header. 😀

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